Hi, my name is Anna and I grew up in Nice in the beautiful country of France. Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated with gardens that have a number of beautifully growing flowers and robust plants. The older I got, the more my fascination for gardens grew until I created my own home garden. I have been growing my garden for many years learning different planting styles and tips that can help grow everything in my garden. I also developed a fascination for the public gardens found in many different countries around the world. Among my favorite are the artistic Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Scotland, the relaxing Suan Nong Nooch in Thailand, the Majestic Jardim de Botanico in Brazil, the Zen type Ryoan Ji in Japan, and my personal favorite, the Versailles garden in France.

Back when I was growing my own garden, I also started to read on the many different botanical gardens from different parts of the world. As gardens were already a big obsession of mine, it was a dream to be able to visit all of these places. Eventually, I was able to afford a financially stable lifestyle that enabled me to achieve my dream of traveling all over the world just to visit all these gardens and take tons of photos for my own personal collection.

I do believe that there are also many people out there who share the same obsession of gardens such as me. With my website, I would like to reach out to as many garden lovers as possible in order to share my travels with other people and share their experiences as well. I look forward to meeting different people who have also been to various gardens around the world and exchange experiences and stories. As for those who are interested in traveling to beautiful gardens, I would like to share the places that I’ve been to and recommend some of the best attractions to visit.

Once again, welcome to my website and I very much look forward to meeting all of you. Cheers!