Garden of Versailles

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As I mentioned, my favorite garden of all time is the famous Garden of Versailles which was a big part of the famous Palace of Versailles of former King Louis XIII. The garden is situated at the west side of the palace and is in fact one of the most famous ones in the world. You can find rows of beautiful trees and bushes on the side, and the grass being mowed regularly too by some of the best ztr mowers in the business. The bushes in fact, contain a lot of different species of colorful flowers that are extremely pleasing to the eyes. The grass in the area is not only very well trimmed but the grass also has an artistic design wherein you can see the grass form different shapes that are put together to make a masterpiece. Other than that, the hedges are also well trimmed and beautifully crafted. Aside from being well trimmed, the hedges are also designed beautifully making even the hedges appealing to the eyes.

Situated among the beautiful flowers and trees are fountains that have a long history to them. The fountains were crafted and designed by some of the best designers and craftsmen of the French Royal family. This is why they are able to be preserved up until today and still look beautiful.

Being an extremely huge garden, it will take a lot of people to maintain it. It is regularly maintained by caretakers of the Château de Versailles wherein the hedges are trimmed regularly, plants, trees, and flowers are taken care of. In fact, there are a total of 210,000 flowers planted every year and also 200,000 trees being cared for. This is to ensure that the garden looks extremely beautiful to visitors who would want to see the garden. If you happen to drop by Versailles, then this garden is a place to definitely drop by.

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