Garden Party

One of the most interesting events that I have attended is a garden party that targets all French garden enthusiasts from around the country. The most amazing thing about the large garden party would be the venue as the venue was an extremely beautiful garden that somehow draws its inspiration from the famous French garden Jardin des Plantes but in a much smaller scale. This year as a special treat there will be France’s best propane smoker. Back to the Garden, it had a wide space filled with grass where the party was held. Surrounding the party area were small trees and bushes that had a multitude of beautiful flowers. The host also built some beautiful marble statues of baby angels along with a small fountain as the garden’s water feature.

The host himself was a very big French garden enthusiast who has been to all well known public gardens in France at least two times and has a lot of photos to add to his collection. All garden enthusiasts such as myself were invited to share our experiences and also network with people who share our passion. The host prepared a big barbeque for all of his guests in order to ensure that they are well fed and that they will all have a good time. The drinks that were served along with the barbeque was homemade lemonade made by the host’s wife.

Being in this sort of social event, socialization and networking was the highlight of the day with me meeting so many people who share the same passion as me. Talking to so many people who love public gardens as much as me allowed me to discover so many more beautiful public gardens around the world that are not very known to the public. I also shared some of my experiences and gave some recommendations to all the other guests there as well. I even made friends who I travel with to other countries up until today. I also learned a lot of gardening tips from many gardeners who attended the party that helped me further improve my garden. I would say that this is one of the best social events that  I have been to in my life because I have met so many good people who became some of my closest friends and also learned a lot of things with regard to gardening and also public gardens in other countries.

If you are a French garden enthusiast, then you’d definitely enjoy this event. Hopefully the host will hold another party like this soon and many French garden enthusiasts like myself can come together and talk about our passion.

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