Garden with Fountains

Still one of the most beautiful public gardens that you can find in France is the breathtaking Garden of Tuileries which was designed by the famous designer Andre Le Notre in the year 1640. This public garden can be found somewhere in between the Place de la Concorde and the famous art museum known as the Louvre Museum. Although quite simple, this garden is one of the most beautiful in the country aside from the Gardens of Versailles. The two fountains are really some of the most beautiful garden fountains in the area. It is also the oldest in France as well being one of the most famous historical landmarks of France. Since the year 1667, it became a public garden wherein people still visit up until today.

The garden is filled with a full bed of grass including a lot of luscious trees and flowers at the bottom. A pathway leading to the middle of the garden is also built in order to go to the fountains located in the area. The main fountain is extremely big with one fountain spout in the middle that shoots water into the air at certain times of the day. This fountain is a very popular attraction for families because it is a place for adults to enjoy and is a great place for children to play. In fact, you can see a lot of children playing their toy boats on the fountain. The second fountain is just slightly smaller but looks pretty much like the main one and is also a place for relaxation for a lot of people there.

These two fountains are beautifully made of white stone with a lot of stone statues surrounding the fountain. Although it is quite simple, its simplicity is beautiful enough and pleasing to the eyes of the visitors. This is why the two fountains are definitely wonderful showpieces of the garden.

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