My Garden

Though I’m more known for my travels to botanical gardens from other countries, many people have been asking about my own garden. Well, my own garden follows the theme of all natural but colorful, much like the Versailles garden of France and the Keukenhof gardens of the Netherlands. I chose this style because I love the different colors of the flowers matched with luscious green plants and bushes. My garden first starts with a pathway made out of wood to go through the garden. Wooden planks allow you to walk through the garden and appreciate the flowers. Through the garden are rows and rows of beautiful and colorful flowers with bushes surrounding the flowers. I have also created a full bed of grass that I mow regularly so that it doesn’t overgrow. Somewhere in the middle of my garden, I have also installed a small pond with a few fish in it. I also surrounded the pond with a few rocks to make it look as natural as possible.

I also dedicated one spot in my garden for growing herbs that can be used as ingredients. So far, I’ve grown rosemary, peppermint, parsley, chives, lavender, oregano, and some catnip for my pet kitten.

Although my garden isn’t that big, I definitely put a lot of heart into growing it and making sure that it looks beautiful from the inside out. If I could afford it in the future, I’d like to add more plants, herbs and flowers. Probably grow my garden as well, but for now, I’ll concentrate on what I have and continue to see it bloom.